Onshore and offshore Wind Turbine maintenance services. IRATA, GWO, BOSIET certification.

We offer resources, services, consulting and expertise for operations and maintenance for the onshore and offshore wind industry. The services can be customized to suit the specific needs and requirements of the client or can be approached in an integrated way for a complete package of services.

Reducing operational risks and contractual complexity.

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What we’re offering:

General Maintenance

  • Blade cleaning
  • Tightening the screws
  • Tightening the bolts
  • Tower inspection and repair
  • Frost treatment
  • Maintenance painting
  • Verification and recertification of lowering devices
  • Checking the viscosity of mineral oils
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Mech Repairs

  • With SGTT – Bolt Tightening certification, the maintenance package includes screw testing and tightening in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Inspection of screws
  • Tensioning with hydraulic systems
  • Checking / repairing gears
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Electro Repairs

  • Sensor verification and diagnosis
  • Inspections and measurement
  • Repair / diagnosis of the control unit
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Certified and Passionate Staff

We perform complex works for industrial safety

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