Vertical Lifeline Systems

We are number one in Romania in the implementation of collective and individual solutions for working at height with an experience of over 20 years.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy and audit for life-line systems
  • Designing life-line systems
  • Installation of life-line systems
  • Annual inspection, maintenance and recertification of life-line systems
CABLOC vertical use

1.1 Vertical Life Line System on cable (CABLOC)

Life line system that allows the user to safely move vertically without the need for any other means of securing (double rope with shock absorber).

The system consists of a stainless steel anchor point, intermediate cable anchor points, a stainless steel / galvanized steel cable, a lower anchor point with a tensioner and a conforming tensioner and a shock absorber integrated into the upper console. The Traveller is purchased separately, being part of the individual equipment. Anchor points are especially designed for fixed ladders, but can be adapted to many types of structures.
The system consists of:

  • AC 340 upper anchor point / lower anchor point
  • AC 325 Shock Absorber
  • AC 330 tensioner
  • AC 320 Intermediate Cable Anchor Points
  • AC 3000S Cable

Length: starting at 3m. Standard: EN353-1, EN353-2, RFU CNB / P / 11.073 / 11.073
AM211 Lower / upper anchor point for concrete or metal.
These permanent vertical systems can only be installed by qualified personnel.
AC 350 AC350 / 4 Traveller (fall arrest)
The stainless steel shuttle can be attached or detached from the cable at any point
It is secured with a compatible carabiner
In case of a fall, the shuttle will quickly lock on the cable to stop the fall.

Permanent life line system

1.2 Vertical life line system on rail

It is a metallic safety system on vertical ladders, a permanent system where the connection/disconnection of the user can be done only at the points specifically designed for this purpose. The shock absorber is integrated into the shuttle.

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