Temporary Life Line System

We are the number one in Romania in the implementation of collective and individual solutions for working at height with an experience of over 20 years.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy and audit for life-line systems
  • Designing life-line systems
  • Installation of life-line systems
  • Annual inspection, maintenance and recertification of life-line systems

Temporary Life Line System

Provisional solution for work at height. It can be on cable or textile. The textile can be a dedicated system where the maximum length can reach 20m or it can be made of climbing rope with an indication that it should be anchored from 5 to 5 m intermittently.

If there is no permanent lifeline system on the roof, then the mobile lifeline can be installed for safe work. It can be anchored to permanent, temporary (with counterweights) or temporary anchorages on various structural elements that are sufficiently load-bearing.

This system must be installed by a competent person who has the necessary technical skills and knowledge in working height.
Standard: EN 795 C Types: MHL 10 (10 m) MHL 20 (20 m)

Other solutions

Anchor points with shock absorbers

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