Self Retractable Lanyards and Lifelines

To work at height according to EU legislation, choose a SRL from our broad range of premium products.

A self-retractable lifeline is, in common terms, a vertical rescue cable that is used as part of a complete fall arrest equipment. The cable, like the car’s seat belt, unwinds and retracts easily.

Once subjected to a strong and short-timed shock, an internal mechanism is operated to drive a braking system. When the energy dissipates, the cable moves freely again, but the system must be taken out of service and sent to be inspected by a certified body to check the equipment in this range.

In short: During a fall, the SRL’s internal braking system works to disperse the energy of the fall over a short distance, thus limiting the force applied to a user’s body. Equipping with this system is considered mandatory in working at height.

For PPE, you can go with a Self Retractable Lanyard. For more complex work, including confined spaces and more dangerous rescues, the Self Retractable Lifeline is mandatory.

SRL Guide

1. Webbing SRL’s

2. Steel Cable SRL’s

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