Rental and installation of scaffoldings. Low Prices, Safety Academy Quality.

With decades of combined engineering experience in construction and height and work safety, Safety Academy offers scaffolding rental and assembly services. From the design phase to the dismantling of the assembly, together with our qualified engineers in the field and the professional team of installers, we guarantee your satisfaction, regardless of the difficulty of the project. The services offered by Safety Academy are complete, in short, we will take care of absolutely everything, from resistance calculations to insuring all employees on site.

Thus, we invite you to browse this page to discover the advantages of collaborating with our company. However, if you do not have enough time, you can contact us right now!

What we’re offering:

Scaffoldings Rental

To find the best solution for your construction, our qualified engineers will perform a series of simulations that will take into account all the variables that may occur throughout the project.

After we have a safe and efficient assembly, we will deliver the metal scaffolding to your destination and we will start working. We are not a simple scaffolding rental company, we also carry out other related activities to make sure that together we complete your project.

Scaffoldings Installation

Our services offer much more than just a scaffolding assembly. We will design the scaffolding assembly according to all the variables involved in the construction process.

We will offer you the most complete scaffolding rental services in the country and we will also ensure the transport of the material and the installation of the scaffolding according to your project.

Scaffoldings for construction, metal, mobile, fixed, electrical. Modular built.

Every new project needs support. A structure on which to build and which allows its completion in a timely manner and in conditions of maximum safety. We offer you the best solutions in case you need to rent a metal scaffolding. Throughout our activity we have participated in a large number of projects to impose safety at work.

A set of construction scaffolding must allow both the safe activity of the workers and allow them to work efficiently. It should not make their work difficult, but on the contrary should provide them with easy access to the entire surface of the building, regardless of its complexity.

In the case of mobile metal scaffolding, it can positively influence the way your project is carried out. The efficiency with which builders will be able to perform their duties will increase, and the time due to the erection of your building or construction will decrease. The mobile scaffolding not only ensures an easy development of the builders’ activity, they are also very easy to assemble, but also to disassemble. In a short time they can be lifted to start the activity, but also dismantled immediately after the project is completed.

Scaffolding rental and scaffolding assembly, turnkey projects! Both the projects for the implementation of the obligatory safety measures with anti-fall devices for working at height, and the complex construction projects were completed by our engineers. You will feel the comfort of a project from A-Z from the first phone call. The priority is health at work and the quality of the project, so do not hesitate. Contact us right now!

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