Lockout Tagout training


The LOTO Lockout Tagout course is dedicated to industry and research workers involved in the operation of locking and labeling of hazardous energies before carrying out maintenance and repair work on the machines.

When equipment is not switched off and marked properly, serious accidents and overheads can occur: fractures, burns, disability, death. For this reason, more and more companies around the world are implementing the Lokout Tagout System, already confirming the reduction in the number of work-related accidents, costs and damages.

Lockout tagout (LOTO) is the safety procedure used in industry and research with which workers in these areas ensure that hazardous energies are properly shut down before maintenance and servicing work. It is imperative that hazardous sources to be isolated and decommissioned before procedures begin to protect the life and health of workers and their workspace.

The implementation of the procedure protects workers and prevents accidents that can lead to disability or even death of the worker. LOTO prevents costs associated with lost working days and equipment damage by unpredictable start-up; prevents declining revenue generated by non-compliance with production planning; avoid losing the prestige and confidence of business partners.

To whom the course is addressed?
The training is addressed to people involved in working on machines in various industries (Telecommunications, Petroleum and Gas, Transportation, Energy, Construction, Metallurgy, All Types of Maintenance etc.). Workers may be authorized (they block or mark the equipment to perform different works, the training is in-depth); Workers involved (act or use a machine that is serviced or maintained, be instructed not to remove the locking devices); other workers who can come in contact with the devices (they need to know their meaning and keep the distance).

Objectives and content of the course
Standards and legislation on safety and protection of work with machinery requiring repair and maintenance;
Dangerous energy locking and labeling equipment;
General requirements for machine blocking;
Risk assessment plans, emergency procedures.

Terms of Participation
Individuals participating in the LOTO course must be physically fit and have the necessary training to work with machines.

More information
The duration of the course is 1 day
The training group consists of 6 people
The training fee will be provided per day of participation

Working at Height Training Center (WHTC) is the first Romanian brand for Lockout Tagout / LOTO introduced on the European market for blocking and marking dangerous energies.
Safety Academy graduates will receive an internationally recognized certificate valid for 1 year.

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