Lockout tagout applications

The LO-TO (lockout-tagout) system can be successfully applied to block dangerous energies of:

  • Electric nature
  • Mechanic nature
  • Pneumatic nature
  • Hydraulic nature
  • Cleaning nature
  • Thermal nature
  • Hot surfaces
  • Objects or equipment with danger of falling and injury
  • Other potential energies

EU statistics show that 10 to 15% of work-related accidents are recorded during maintenance. This kind of accidents can cause fractures, burns, disability or even death. The cost of accidents with serious consequences can be extremely high.

The LO/TO (Lockout Tagout) system reduces the number of accidents, costs and, implicitly, resulting damages. The system can be successfully applied to block many types of hazardous energy.

Lockout-tagout (LOTO) or locking and tagging is a safety procedure that is used in industry to ensure that dangerous machinery are properly closed before starting and completing maintenance or service work. Dangerous power sources need to be isolated and decommissioned before any repair procedure is started. Locking and tagging works in combination with a device locking system (lockers) or specially designed power supply.

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