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HS9 Access and use of ladder

The Access and use of ladder course is designed to explain in detail how to use individual anti-fall protection equipment in height work as well as the proper use of ladders and platforms.

Upon completion of the Access and Mobile Staircase course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the dangers associated with the selection and use of different types of ladders and platforms
  • Identify the various categories of work equipment at height, including their characteristics and limits
  • Choose the type of ladder / platform correctly depending on the activity being developed
  • Perform pre-inspection of height-of-work equipment and carry out pre-inspection of ladders and platforms
  • Install and anchor a ladder so that the risks associated with slippage are eliminated
  • Use ladders and platforms correctly to avoid the risks of human error
  • Understand the need for recording, traceability and proper use of work equipment
  • To install and use temporary lifelong lifestyles so that access to the scale can be safely carried out
  • Make salvations with victims on the ladder
  • Use and limitations of accessory for ladders and platforms

To whom the course is addressed?

The course is addressed to people who access work points with ladders or platforms. Activities such as fiber optic installation, stall maintenance, maintenance of alarm systems, climate control interventions.

Objectives and content of the course

  • Dangers and risks that may occur during the use of ladders and platforms
  • Risk evaluation
  • Selection, inspection, installation and proper use of ladders and platforms
  • Pre-inspection, equipment maintenance requirements and traceability
  • Features and limitations of the equipment
  • Equipment categories: positioning, restraining and falling support
  • Emergency situations: rescue, syncope procedures, actions to be initiated in an emergency

Terms of Participation
Individuals participating in the Access and use of ladder course must be physically fit to participate in height training. No prior qualification is required.

More information

  • The training group consists of 6 people
  • The training fee will be provided per participant

Safety Academy graduates will receive an internationally recognized certificate valid for 1 year.

For each course held at the Safety Academy, there is the recertification option at the end of the expiry of the period of validity.

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