HS7 Lockout-Tagout Authorised Person

Become a Lockout-Tagout Authorised Person today! Course written and taught by OSHA-approved experts. Includes 50 Pages Coursebook of up-to-date content.

Who is the Course for?

The course is addressed to workers who perform maintenance and service activities and operators, who will isolate, block and label equipment, machinery, machines. The course is also addressed to the managers of the maintenance departments, to the managers of the production departments and to the OSH managers from the general industry.

Course content:

The course covers the following:

  • Purpose of the LOTO program
  • Scope of the LOTO program
  • Reference documents
  • Elements of the hazardous energy control program
    • LOTO program documents
    • Periodic inspections
    • Staff training and retraining
  • What does LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) mean?
  • What is blocked (labeled)?
  • What is an isolation device (LOTO point)?
  • What is it blocking?
    • Requirements for locking-labeling devices
    • Types of locking-labeling devices
  • What is dangerous energy?
  • When is a LOTO program effective?
  • What are the three LOTO principles?
  • What are the 7 LOTO steps?
  • Testing and positioning of equipment, machines or their components
  • Removing lock-labeling devices
  • Work exchange or staff changes
  • Applying the LOTO procedure to equipment with a single isolation point
  • Applying the LOTO procedure to equipment with multiple isolation points
  • Arrival of a new group member or departure of group members
  • Shift
  • Interrupting work
  • Testing and positioning
  • Completing work on equipment with a single LOTO isolation point
  • Completing work on equipment with multiple LOTO isolation points
The following help forms are available:
  1. Form for removing locking devices in special situations
  2. Shift form

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    Trainee requirements

    • Electrician; Mechanic; Locksmith or technical engineer
    • Good health

    Theoretical course / course location

    • Safety Academy headquarters
    • Beneficiary’s headquarters
    • Duration: 8 hours

    Instructions for the theoretical part exam

    The theoretical part of the course ends with a test. Make sure you read and master the material in each module to give the correct answer to the questions. Choose the correct answer. Each question has only one correct answer. To take the test you must answer all the questions. The scale for passing the test is at least 80% correct answers. If you have not reached the scale, come back and answer again. The certificate is valid for 12 months.

    Min. trainee number:

    • Safety Academy HQ: 4 person
    • Client HQ: 6 person

    Safety Academy will schedule the course and will notify you when there is a group of at least 4 people.

    Max. Trainee Number:

    • At the Safety Academy headquarters: 6 person
    • Client HQ: any

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