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HS7 Installation and use of CABLOC

The Cabloc installation and use course is designed to explain theoretically and practically how Cabloc is to be installed and used, depending on the different types of vertical ladders and situations that may occur when working at a height.

Upon completion of the course supported by Safety Academy trainers, participants will gain knowledge on:

  • Cabloc installation technology
  • The various mounting modes for the Cabloc anchor points
  • The proper operation of the fall stop
  • The way in which Cabloc verification is to be performed before handing over to the beneficiary
  • Records to be made and how to ensure the traceability of the Cabloc system
  • General rules for working at height
  • Personal equipment required to use the Cabloc system
  • Cabloc inspection before use
  • The proper operation of the fall stop, during climb and during downhill

To whom the course is addressed?
The training provided by the Safety Academy is addressed to the people who are part of the teams that install and maintain the Cabloc Life Line vertical systems, as well as to the people using the vertical ladders on which this system is installed.

Objectives and content of the course

  • Identification of tools required for Cabloc system installation
  • Identification of all components of the Cabloc system
  • Technical features of Cabloc system components
  • Order of assembly
  • Mounting details for each component
  • Mounting details relating to forces, clamping moments and tensioning of the cable
  • Check Cabloc before reception
  • Tracking records of the Cabloc system
  • Acquiring general knowledge of working at height
  • Cabloc system checks before use
  • The right way to use the Cabloc system

Terms of Participation
Individuals participating in the Cabloc Installation and Use course must be medically fit for work at height and with a good physical condition, certified for work at height and a previous qualification in the mechanical field.

More information

  • The training group consists of 6 people
  • The training fee will be provided per participant

Safety Academy graduates will receive an internationally recognized certificate valid for 1 year.

For each course held at the Safety Academy, there is the recertification option at the end of the expiry of the period of validity.

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