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HS3 Work and rescue in confined spaces

The Work and rescue in enclosed spaces course is designed for people who need to access closed spaces classified as low, medium or high risk, which may include difficult entries and complex operations with additional risk exposure, operations involving special checks and rescue procedures . Training provided by Safety Academy also includes the use of assisted ventilation.

The course covers the legislation in force, working practices and safety requirements for enclosed spaces up to 3 meters deep, where access is made through a single fixed ladder and no obstacles. While working in the enclosed area, the worker must be permanently attached to a safety system.
It is included in training to use protective respiratory equipment for access to enclosed spaces (both self-contained and hose-filled respirators). The selection, use, checking and management of the respiratory apparatus, as well as the calculation of the duration of use, are exercised.

To whom the course is addressed?
The course is aimed at people who work in enclosed spaces or in low, medium or hazardous areas with or without a positive pressure breathing apparatus. The course is not suitable for those who use the fire extinguisher, mining or diving equipment.

Objectives and content of the course

  • Confined-space legislation
  • Defining and recognizing confined spaces
  • Categories and examples of confined spaces
  • Communication and emergency action
  • Supervisor’s duties
  • Safe work system / personal protective equipment / work permit
  • Risk assessment and classification
  • Characteristics of the equipment and its limitations
  • Requirements for maintenance and verification of equipment
  • Vertical shaft input and output (using ladders)
  • Access in the absence of attachment to the security system
  • Using the tripod / davit of the arm and the winch
  • Correct use of sampling techniques for gas detectors
  • Proper use of the rescue respirator
  • Dangerous atmospheres
  • Verification of gas detection equipment
  • Proper use of the rescue respirator; verification and selection
  • Calculation of time and management of the respiratory apparatus
  • Zero Operations
  • Emergency procedures

Terms of Participation
Persons participating in work and rescue in confined spaces must be medically fit, capable of working at height and with a good physical condition, certified for work at height.

More information

  • The training group consists of 6 people
  • The training fee will be provided per participant

Safety Academy graduates will receive an internationally recognized certificate valid for 1 year.

For each course held at the Safety Academy, there is the recertification option at the end of the expiry of the period of validity.

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