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Vocational training courses for working at height

HS1 Work and rescue from height

The Work and rescue from height course is intended for people who need to use booster techniques to access high ground and other difficult work. The training offers all the necessary skills in modern rope access operations on structures of any shape.

To whom the course is addressed?
The training is addressed to people who use rope access techniques for working at height.

Objectives and content of the course

  • Introduction to rope access for work at Height
  • Standards and legislation on safety and protection in work at height
  • Familiarize yourself with mounting and anchoring equipment
  • Inspection and maintenance of rope access equipment
  • Exercises with anchors and selection of anchor points
  • Exercises for ascension and descent
  • Chain rescue techniques


Terms of Participation

  • Course participants must be medically fit and physically fit for work at height. Previous experience is welcome, but not necessary.

More information

  • The training group consists of 6 people
  • The training fee will be provided per participant
  • For workers at height, IRATA is not necessary.

Safety Academy graduates will receive an internationally recognized certificate valid for 1 year.

For each course held at the Safety Academy, there is the recertification option at the end of the expiry of the period of validity.

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