Horizontal Lifelines.

Consulting, installation, maintenance

We are the number one in Romania in the implementation of collective and individual solutions for working at height with an experience of over 20 years.
Our services include:

  • Consultancy and audit for life-line systems
  • Designing life-line systems
  • Installation of life-line systems
  • Annual inspection, maintenance and recertification of life-line systems

New Safety Academy solutions for safety in working at height

Anchor points

  • Roof anchor points
  • Anchor points for wood surfaces
  • Anchor points for profiles
  • Anchor points for folded table covers
  • Temporary anchor points
  • Anchor points for roofing tiles

Life line systems

  • Life line systems for roofs
  • Steel/concrete mounted wall life line system
  • Overhead life line systems

1.1 Horizontal Life Line System on Cable

This system guarantees workers safety when they operate less than 2m from an unprotected edge and/or fragile surfaces.
Allows the freedom of movement along a horizontal axis while providing anticorrosion protection.
In the event of a fall accident, the fall energy will be absorbed by the integrated dampener.
The system is made of 316 alloy stainless steel.

System Components:

  • End anchor points
  • Intermediate anchor points
  • Shock Absorber
  • Tensioner with tension indicator
  • Sliding traveler

Standard: EN 795C: 2012 & CEN TS 16415: 2013
It can be positioned above the head, horizontally between the head and feet, or even the legs.

The horizontal Life line system can be mounted and used on:

  • Roofs
  • Car Load Ramparts
  • Railway Rampart
  • Any horizontal surface that requires work at height


Examples of horizontal life line systems in the photos below:

Installation of Life Line system on railway ramp

Click on the video

1.2 Horizontal Life Line System on rail

This system guarantees workers’ safety when they operate less than 2m from an unprotected edge and /or fragile surfaces. It can only be used as a fall stop and/or rope access (if the system is certified to do so).
Anti-fall rail system
Anodized aluminum T6 6061 for high corrosion resistance
Small dimensions: 1932 mm
Mounting in any position (ceiling, walls) Maximum weight: 300kg Standard: EN 795.2012 Class D, CEN / TS 16415
Resistance: The rail access system is designed for extreme grip and requires minimal maintenance, even when installed in difficult conditions.
Flexibility: The rail and chassis can be mounted in multiple positions (ceiling, wall, floor)
It is mandatory to use it together with anchor systems and complex belts.

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