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Courses specially designed for work at height, taught by professional trainers.

Vocational training courses for working at height

HS0 Basic training for working at height

Course duration: 4 hour
The work at height is for people working on ladders, scaffolding, naves, balconies, terraces, roofs, facades, ramps, constructions, trawls, walkways, bridges, cranes, installations, pipes, cable beds.

Course contents

Theory: the training room

  • Identify the dangers and risks that occur during work at height
  • Equipment types
  • Identify and use the various categories of equipment to work at height as needed
  • Perform a pre-inspection of the work equipment for work height
  • Understand the need for accurate recording, traceability and correct use of work equipment
  • Situations for working at height
  • Maintenance, cleaning and storage of equipment

Practice: training center

  • Adjustment and use of complex belt
  • Adjustment and use of the means of connections
  • Access to the mobile ladder
  • Access to the fixed ladder
  • Positioning at the work point on a fixed or mobile scale
  • Access to the scaffold
  • Access to surfaces with protected or unprotected edges
  • Creating a temporary, vertical or horizontal life line system

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