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With decades of combined engineering experience in construction and safety in working at height and at work, we offer you a wide range of fixed and mobile anchoring points, according to EN 795. We are experts in anchoring workers safely, so we give a special importance of the anchor points and of course the structure to which it applies. We do not deliver any project until all strength calculations have been performed. Choose Safety Academy for increased safety at work!

Photos and Anchoring Examples

There are countless situations where anchoring systems are necessary! The EU states that any workplace with at least 2m fall distance is required to have proper means of fall protection, while some companies have internal regulations of even less heights.

It’s okay, we got you! Regardless of the hazard encountered at your headquarters, whether it is a confined space tripod, A-Frames for Railway, Automotive or Containers. We invite you to browse this page to discover the advantages of being one of our partners. However, if you do not have enough time, you can contact us right now!

1. Mobile Anchor System for Garages, Hangars and Train Ramps

A mobile anchoring system, with counterweight, that can be moved with a 2t forklift, for Garages, Hangars and Trainstops. The counterweight is made of reinforced concrete and the pole is made of certified galvanized steel.

Each customized solution is determined by the needs of our customers and depends on industry, environment and specific design constraints, including European standards. All our systems are extremely durable and are built to withstand heavy wear, using world-class materials, quality and installation.
They represent unique solutions to unique challenges and fall protection that you can trust.

Features and benefits

  • Galvanized steel according to BS EN ISO 1461, system according to EN 795: 2012
  • Optional: 360 ° rotating arm
  • Optional: Modular system that can be disassembled and transported
  • Spaces for the forklift position
  • Unique dimensions, to order

2. Mobile Anchor Points

A mobile anchoring system, with counterweight, for use on roofs with a slope of up to 5 degrees. The assembly system has a central point of attachment which indicates the anchor point where the fall arrest force is applied. With the correct model, the system can be used on any of the following roof surfaces, in areas with / without high humidity:

  • Single layer membrane
  • Asphalt
  • Mineral wool
  • Concrete
  • Brushed

Features and benefits

  • Galvanized according to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Molded rubber base weights prevent rubber pads from ‘peeling’ at edges
  • Over 100 molded suction cups in each weight glued to the rubber to maximize grip
  • The raised central support reduces travel distance during a fall arrest event

3. Anchor Post System for ISO Container

Anchor post for ISO container

Container Anchor post is meant to provide a temporary anchor for working on top of ISO 20 ft & 40 ft shipping containers.

– In addition to be used as a stand alone anchor post, it can also be used to form a horizontal life line over the top of container depending upon the requirement of work to be done.

– Comes with a side lock & tag line arrangement for secure installation by one person only.

– Can be removed without damaging the container.

– Has an anchorage allowing a 360° rotation.

– Has a carrying handle.

Compliance : EN 795:2012 Type B.

– Static strength as per EN 795:2012 Type B : 12 kN.

– Minimum breaking strength of the system: 15 kN.

Material: Steel.

Weight: 14.53 kg.

4. Simple Fixed Anchor Points

Rigid anchors are the smart solution for protection applications working at height, such as: working on suspended platforms, window washing operations, anchoring equipment and general protection against falling from the roof. Corrosion resistant and easy to install, all models offer insulated columns to prevent thermal bridges and condensation for a long life of the building. Some examples of mounting fixed anchor points:

1. Thread around the metal structure; 2. Thread through the metal structure; 3. In concrete slab; 4. Epoxy chemical anchoring; 5. Welding directly on the metal structure.

Of course, these are installation examples. If you think that the schemes are not in your situation, contact us! There are countless possibilities.

Of course, these are installation examples. If you think that the schemes are not in your situation, contact us! There are countless possibilities.

5. Mobile Anchor Point for Rope Access

A self contained portable anchor device for workers requiring rope access to the side of a building.

It does not penetrate the roof, is suitable for most flat roof surfaces and requires no attachment to structural members.

It is used in conjunction with the mobile anchor point from point 2. and together, the systems provide an internally force balanced solution, which is  extremely stable and will not migrate across the roof surface.

Although designed for single person use, has been tested for 2 users plus equipment upto a working load limit of 200Kg in case of rescue.

Designed for easy transportation and installation, being of modular construction with no part over 25KG or 2M long.

It conforms to Class B & E of  EN 795

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