Life-line systems

Life-line systems are a European requirement when people performing working at height and needs to be safe. The life-line systems have certified components that meet the standards for working at height and European standards.

Life-line systems guarantee worker safety when they operate less than 2m from an unprotected edge or fragile surfaces. They can be vertical, horizontal, permanent or temporary, on track or cable. It is mandatory to use it together with anchor systems and complex belts. 



Due to the continuous development in the field of health and safety at work and of the higher standards, as well as of the needs identified in the industry, Safety Academy the first working at height training center in the Romanian industrial area, was born.

Within the training center, specialized trainings are held, among them:

– Work and rescue from height, Industrial rope access, Work and rescue in enclosed spaces, Work at height telecom, Supervisor for working at height, Inspector EIP, Installation and use of CABLOC, Maintenance and periodic inspection of CABLOC, Access and use of ladder.

Our consultants and trainers are at your disposal and are eager to provide you with the best solutions to create a safer work environment for your colleagues.




Lockout Tagout

EU statistics show that 10 to 15% of work-related accidents are recorded during maintenance. This kind of accidents can cause fractures, burns, disability or even death. The cost of accidents with serious consequences can be extremely high.

The LO/TO (Lockout tagout) system reduces the number of accidents, costs and, implicitly, resulting damages. The system can be successfully applied to block many types of hazardous energy.

Lockout-tagout (LOTO) is a safety procedure that is used in industry to ensure that dangerous machines are properly closed before starting and completing maintenance or service. Dangerous power sources need to be isolated and decommissioned before any repair procedure is started. Locking and tagging works in combination with a lockers or specially designed power supply.






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